At Jessy’s African Hair Braids, we offer many hair braiding options, including hair weaves, micro braids, invisible braids, corn rows, flat twists, basket weaves, box braids, kinky twist, pixie braids, Senegalese twists, Nubian twists, single braids and much more. Our hair braiding salon can provide a wide array of styles and techniques under one roof; to help you achieve a new look just for YOU! When you select Jessy’s African Hair Braids, all services include the hair; unless you have a specific brand or texture you are welcome to bring your own. Contact us today for pricing and more information. We look forward to working for you.
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Free Style braids are extremely skinny in diameter compared to other braided styles. The smaller size generally makes them last longer as a hairstyle, which is something to consider when contemplating the tremendous time commitment involved in having them put in. Micro braids can be fashioned with extension hair, either human or synthetic. These micro braids can take a minimum of several hours to two or three days! The smaller braids resemble a loose, flowing hairdo, so they lend themselves to a wide variety of looks. You can let them hang straight or braid or twist them overnight for a crinkled look.


Cornrows are a braided hairstyle where the braids are attached to the scalp in rows. Hair is picked up and added to the braid as the braider works each section, usually beginning at the hairline and directed back or side-to-side. Because the braids resemble straight rows of corn, the name "cornrows" is fitting. Cornrows are often seen in simple styles that start at the front of the head and go straight back, but can also be former in intricate, curvy, or zigzag styles.


Weaves are the style when the entire head of hair is braided. Once the braids are made, a needle is used to sew extensions of hair into the braids. The extensions are sewn from one ear to the other. A weave typically lasts for 6 to 8 weeks.


Box braids are a braid style often achieved with synthetic hair additions. The name is derived in part from the "box" or square-shaped partings for each braid. Extensions may be used, but are not required. In most cases, extra hair is used to create an overall uniform look in both length and thickness. When synthetic hair is added, the ends are often briefly burned to create a seal.


Senegales twists, or "rope twists" are one of the many protective styles, which help promote healthy hair growth and protect the hair from environmental damage. They are created by your choice of braiding hair around the root of your natural hair. The hair is then two-strand twisted from the root all the way to the ends of the hair shaft. The two most commonly used hair types for this twist are Kanekalon and Toyokalon. Kanekalon hair gives a tighter, smoother look and tends to be thinner in diameter and less "dreadlock-like".


Kinky twists, also known as Marley twists, are a more simple twist. These twists are most commonly done with Marley hair, which comes in a pre-separated section. Havana twists are also done with Marley hair, but differ from kinky twists because the place where the Marley hair


Crochet braids, also known as "latch hook" braids, involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. This style depicts and is associated with African American hair culture. **Waiting on photo for this - hopefully it'll be attached by the time this task is being worked!


Faux locks are a protective style that creates the illusion of real locs. These are created by winding extensions around sections of your own hair, adding a unique flare to any look.